Frequently Asked Question

Why do we check transaction AML?
We would like to draw your attention that we take AML or Anti Money Laundering Policy very seriously for the security of the website and our users. The AML policy is designed to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. And with it protecting legal businesses and protecting them from risky financial transactions. We strictly adhere to AML policies, safety, security, and potential risks to our users and services. We strictly manage all transactions through verification and monitoring. We are responsible for providing all types of information to the country's administration to prevent all types of financial fraud or anti-money laundering. We help with any kind of information for security purposes. If financial fraud or money laundering is detected, we may stop the transaction immediately and forward the transaction details to security personnel for verification purposes. Note that our entire service ensures legitimate transactions through legal freelancers. Transactions are conducted through individual persons and legal entities such as banks. Transaction interest is only to develop the freelancing sector. Any illegal transaction using our service will be at the individual's own risk.
Is verification required for exchange?
Verification of a user is mandatory for proper completion of exchange services. A user must be over 18 years of age. Users over 18 years of age must have a photo of their national identity card, passport, driver's license, or any government document showing the person's real name. Apart from these certificates for the purpose of address verification, we may also collect other documents from you such as bank statements or utility bills such as pictures of electricity, water or other government services. We may ask for photos with documents via video or photos to confirm that the documents are yours. After reviewing all the information your account will be approved or you will be eligible for transactions.
Is it possible to exchange more than the reserve given on the website?
You can order more than the reserve if you want. In that case you have to contact us through live chat during service hours. If your demand is fully reserved in our wallet, then you can make an exchange request after the reserve is updated. We always try to fulfill your request as per your requirements. In that case, you can discuss the details with us through contact.
I have exchanged through Telegram/Telegram Bot, Skype, Viber or other social media but I have not received funds. Now what should I do?
Exchanges can be made through us only from our designated website And through the app which is still under construction. We are not responsible for any transactions outside our provided website or app. All our transactions are done through our website and app only. We are not responsible for transactions elsewhere. To avoid phishing or scamming, you must exchange in the URL.
What should I do if the funds are diverted due to wrong information given by me?
In such cases, there is nothing much to be done. Because once the transaction is completed there is no chance of the transaction being reversed. Otherwise, our suggestion is to always check the details given at the time of order more than once. For your convenience, we may provide you with the information provided during your exchange.
Can I cancel the order after payment?
You may of course cancel your order after payment unless the order has been completed. In special cases, you can place an order cancellation request. In that case, you can request for order cancellation by contacting our live chat during service hours. If for some reason our live chat is not available, you can email us your order id or exchange id for refund request. Email must be sent through your registered email address. You can also request through tickets if you want. Refund will be made to your payment method deducting 5% exchange fee as per our exchange policy. In that case, you may have to wait up to 24 hours. We do our best to complete every transaction as quickly as possible and we follow the same policy for refunds. This extra time may take due to payment method or provider complexity.
How long does it take to complete an exchange?
We usually try to complete orders placed within service hours as quickly as possible. As we provide manual service, orders are usually completed within 20 minutes maximum of two hours. (If there is no problem). Fields are delayed due to server complexity, network issues, and maintenance complexity of payment providers. If you are in a rush then you can inform us via live chat after 20 minutes have passed. We consider your urgency and sometimes try to complete the order faster *in special cases.
Are there bonuses for loyal or old customers?
We have a bonus and giveaway system for old customers. Customers with the highest exchanges from our system or winning customers under a campaign can receive bonuses or rewards on a weekly or monthly basis. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases or sales.
Do you have a referral program?
We have a referral program through which a user can earn commission by referring others. We have referral commission programs from 1 to 6 levels. Commissions are different at each level. Levels will increase based on your referral amount and volume. Users can withdraw referral commission from their profile page at will. Each user has a unique referral link. They can refer others through those links.
How can I exchange on your website?
From the main page, you have to select the payment gateway of your choice from the send and get options. From the send option you select the mode of payment you want to make. The get option is the option through which you want to receive your payment. Click or press the exchange button with your specified amount in the send or get option. It is good to remember that if you enter your fixed amount in the send option, it will show your due amount in the get option. If everything is OK, the Exchange button will show the next steps. Your receiving details will be asked in the next steps. If your information is correct then proceed to the next step where we will provide the receiving wallet information along with instructions. Follow the instructions and complete the order with the transaction ID. Almost all of our transactions are done manually if you place an order within the service hours then the service order will be complete for that day, otherwise you will have to wait for the next day.